Elati is one of the best developed village sin the prefecture of Trikala. The infrastructure of the village is excellent. Its natural springs in combination with a fir-clad and space offer the perfect setting for family holidays.

Is a mountainous village in altitude 1090 metres and distance of 50 kilometres from Trikala. It¶ is hidden among the firs, one from the most beautiful and protected forests of fir in Greece.

The houses are hidden in the dark green of the trees. The roofs with the tiles and narrow streets made by stone ar part of the virgin nature.

The last years the region improved its the qualitative services of tourism in order to offer the visitor all modern facilities.

The effort for the protection of forest in Elati is remarkable. The exploitation and use of forest in under the authority of Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

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Elati Trikala Thessaly 42032 Greece